About Us

North America by Rail was created by a lifelong train aficionado and rail fan in his effort to share amazing photos, and to inspire curious travelers and rail fans alike to board a train and enjoy all the wonderful experiences, service, and beautiful scenery that this amazing continent has to offer.

Enjoy the world class dining, comfortable bedrooms, friendly service and spacious scenic dome cars. See all the places you could never see at 30,000 feet from a cramped stuffy airplane or while driving white knuckled, stuck in traffic with tired red eyes glued to a solid yellow line, or ever fully appreciate from the cramped confines of a motor coach.

We hope that with this website we can offer ideas on dream vacations and travels while also educate on the bleak and uncertain future being faced by the Canadian Passenger Rail industry today while rail systems throughout the world thrive and expand.

While we welcome your insights and comments, we apologize that we may not be able to respond immediately to your comments. Please be patient and know that we will respond as soon as we are able and that we thoroughly appreciate your visiting this site.



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